Hurry up to furry up....!

Now you can read a full review on the award winning “Mr. Bear Family " products which we  exclusively sell both in store and online at KAOS...!!!!  The original beard brand of Sweden....which is  100% made from natural ingredients...!!! Now gents are you finding it hard to tame your whiskers. Then these products belong on your shelf at home. We hope you enjoy reading up on these products 

Beard Balm!

Want to relieve redness, irritation and dry skin then this beard balm is for you, leaving your beard with a lush, high shine finish and a delightful scent.  Choose from freshly picked citrus fruits, wilderness or woodland.  Simply rub between palms until easy to handle and stroke threw beard, styling with your moustache comb.

Moustache Wax

This wax gives your beard good hold or even to give your moustache a twist cornel mustard style. Simply soften with palms apply and tease into place using your moustache comb.  

Lip Balm
100% natural ingredients lip balm, tropical scented lip balm to fight against chapped lips, clear in colour, it even tastes yum!  Choose from coconut, bursting pink grape and tongue watering mint. 

Beard Comb
Get styling with this uber cool moustache steel comb, perfect styling tool for your moustache and perfect for your night out, stash away in your top pocket.

Beard Oil/Shaving Oil
If Almond, Apricot, Jojoba and Rose hip oils all sound delicious, then this beard brew is for you my friend.  Just a few drops rubbed into your beard gives condition, softness and shine.... Perfection! Choose from fresh summer pine forest woodland, citrus and wilderness. 

To top it all off.

Awesome top tip to keep your wax warm always carry it in a pocket close to your body/top pocket 

Yaaaaaaay mate....! 

Simply upload an awesome creative photo and each month we pick the winner who gets some yummy beard products, so don't be shy or lazy get to it my bear friends

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